In setting up his new colony, Austin faced many difficulties. First, his settlers had frequent conflicts with the Karankawa Indians who lived and hunted on the Texas coast. Since the Karankawa did not want to submit to American authority, Austin used force to remove them from their lands and end the conflict. Second, Austin had to deal with the weaknesses and instability of Mexico's government during the 1820's. Third, Austin had many difficulties with the American colonists writing, "I have had two difficult tasks to perform here. One, to manage the government and the other to manage the settlers. Of these, the latter was by far the most difficult. I do say that North Americans are some of the most obstinate and difficult people to manage that live on the face of the Earth. Judging by my own experience, I fear the predominate trait in North American character are ingratitude, selfishness, and avarice." In 1827, American colonists in Nacogdoches launch the Fredonia Rebellion led by American empressario, Haden Edwards. Austin gathers a militia and, with Mexican soldiers, marched to Nacogdoches to put down the rebellion. Despite the rebellion ending before his army got there, Austin won the confidence of the Mexican government. However, the Mexican government began to become distrustful of the loyalties of their American colonists. By 1830, 15,000 Americans immigrated to Texas including Stephen's sister Emily and first cousin Mary Austin Holly. Video courtesy of Texas Talks and the Texas State Historical Association.