In this portion of the talk, O'Neal discusses the evolution of firearm combat from horseback. O'Neal discusses James Bowie and other knife fighters, as well as Comanche attacks in Texas from horseback with efficient bows. Comanches could stay out of musket range, which is only about a 50 yard range. Once muskets were fired, the Comanches could evade them. Samuel Colt transforms this experience with his gun. He was on a merchant ship that inspired the creation of his revolving pistol. It would be a small and rather awkward pistol but it was a five shooter, not a single shot like a musket. Captain Jack Hays of the Texas Rangers saw a tactical way to deal with the Comanches with the Colt revolver. He trained his men with this gun, and the Texas Rangers rode with two of these pistols and fought on horseback. This gun's use in the hands of the Texas Rangers, and later the U.S. Army, was a turning point in the history of the West. Video courtesy of Texas Talks and the Texas State Historical Association.