O'Neal discusses the 590 gunfights he studied, which produced 408 fatalities, so 7/10 resulted in fatalities. He then rates the gunfighters based on the number of fights and fatalities and wounded. The top 15, most of the top 10, spent most of their careers in Texas. There were more blood feuds in Texas than any other area. He discusses a number of fighters and feuds, including Billy the Kid, John Wesley Hardin, Jim Miller, King Fisher, legendary Texas Ranger Captain John Hughes, among others. He also discusses the Texas Moderator-Regulator War, the vendetta effect, the Higgings feud, and the Johnson-Simsí feud - a Romeo and Juliet West Texas style with Frank Hammer. Drinking was often a factor in gun fighting. Saloons were a popular sites for these deadly fights. Video courtesy of Texas Talks and the Texas State Historical Association.